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World Class Executive Consulting
Today's markets are highly competitive and volatile. They are moving at "Internet Speed". For companies to survive and prosper in this environment they must continuously clarify their vision, evolve and validate their strategy, implement the best sales and marketing practices tailored for their strategy and marketplace, and execute. There is no time or investor willingness for a "learn it as you go" strategy.

Sales Builders consulting provides you access to World Class Capabilities that have guided companies through IPOs, private sales, turnarounds and just building the company. Because it is consulting, the coaching, training, mentoring, strategy and sales processes are tailored for your unique market challenges and organizational issues. "We are seeing that market leaders in all industries are increasingly using consulting as a way to build and sustain competitive advantage," says Dennis Torkko of Arthur Anderson Contract Services.

The Top Five Strategic Reasons for Consulting
  1. Improve Business Focus
  2. Access to World-Class Capabilities
  3. Accelerated Reengineering Benefits
  4. Shared Risks
  5. Free Resources for Other Purposes
Source: The Consulting Institute
The Top Five Tactical Reasons for Consulting
  1. Reduce or Control Operating Costs
  2. Make Capital Funds Available
  3. Cash Infusion
  4. Resources Not Available Internally
  5. Function Difficult or Out of Control
Source: The Consulting Institute
  • Does your vision have focus and do your employees and customers understand it?
  • Is your strategy up to date and does it have 100% focus?
  • Is your vision, strategy, marketing and sales 100% aligned or are they going in different directions?
  • Is your sales process giving you the strategic information you need to manage the company and satisfy investors?
  • Are you meeting your sales projections consistently?

If your answer to any of these questions is not a solid "Yes", let us help you chart a course to sales success.

Our success completely depends on your success.

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Corporate Assessment

Corporate Assessment
Sales Builders does not believe one size fits all. Every company has unique market challenges, culture, existing processes and personalities.

The assessment is a discovery process, uncovering areas your team and individuals can improve in. It's not what you know that usually causes the problems it's what you don't know that causes the problems. There are always many surprising items that come out of each assessment. What management thinks, what the field's perception is, and what the reality is, can be quite different. To achieve the next level everyone has to be on the same page. The assessment will give you the information you will need to insure you are doing everything within reason to achieve your goals.

  • Is your strategy solid and will it support your current growth goals?
  • Will it hold up if market conditions change?
  • What is your reps perspective on their opportunity?
  • Are they focused, motivated, and doing everything possible to exceed their goals?
  • Are they in control of the sales process/sales cycle?
  • Do they all follow a consistent methodology? If so what is it?
  • Are they running their territories like it is their own franchise?
  • How accurate are your sales forecasts? Are reps calling on the decision makers?
  • Is your team employing creativity in their approach to acquiring new customers?
  • Is there consistency among the sales team?
  • Sales and Marketing's alignment with the Corporate Vision
  • Comprehensiveness of Market strategy
  • Alignment of Sales and Marketing
  • Presence and Effectiveness of Sales Process
  • Effectiveness of current Sales Metrics
  • Forecasting Accurancy and Consistenty
  • Motivation provided by Sales Comp plan
Training and Consulting Plan Design
  • Plan oriented toward highest ROI in shortest time
Implementation Oversight
  • We ensure your plan is carried out. Our success depends on your success.

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